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Our Process

Your next steps start with the Avignon Assessment Process. Our approach is different, working only with the brands that have the greatest opportunity to succeed. We gather the information we need to form a holistic view of your concept and the challenges which they present. The steps we take in this process are outlined below, and each step is integral in determining if Avignon is a fit to help your franchise succeed.


Blocking and Tackling

Also known as the fundamentals. Avignon needs to know the basic foundation is there for success and the right pieces are in place to take the initial process to the next step, so we will be diligent in this stage, so we ensure we're not wasting our time, and more importantly, yours.

Weak Link Magnifier

Weak Link Magnifier

This is an unbridled stress test for your business. The magnifier will uncover the underlying issues with your business strategy, the current performance, and your personnel.

Competitive Landscape

 Competitive Landscape

Identify the short-term and long-term opportunities, the hurdles, the pitfalls, and the ultimate prize in this step of the process, identify the differentiator your brand.

Disruptor Factor

The Disruptor Factor

There's always a tipping point in the process of business ownership, and this piece, although often a minor risk, is typically a long-term solution to what can become of the journey if navigated correctly.

Technology Evaluation

Is your system equipped with the right technology? Can it compete with your top competitors? Is it built for tomorrow? How well do you utilize it, and how good is the leadership in that department?

The Decision

The Decision

Avignon Consulting has assembled a Board of Advisors, all of whom have will have held C-Level positions in their respective careers. Since this is not a paid advisory position, the board will change periodically.